Schema 2017

Schema is a hypothetical conference that explores high-modernist graphic design in context. The design of the era was fueled by ideas of visionaries who sought to find the ideal form of communication. Guided by utopian ideals, they developed a style with a devout focus on clarity that allowed beauty to stem from function.

The conference will center around four talks, each led by an important player in the high-modernist movement. Michael Renner will lead Emergence, which focuses on the importance of the developments that led Modernism to become one of the most influential movements in graphic design history. Veronica Fuerte will lead Purity, which discuss a need for universality, clarity, and structure in the contemporary world in order to empower messages. Rik Bracho will lead Parallels, delving into the aspects of society represented by American designers and the similarities with their European counterparts. Wim Crouwel will wrap the conference up with his talk on Continuance, addressing the criticisms towards the late modernist design and arguing for its lasting value to society.