Visual Systems

Troubled Minds

They live among us, not knowing why they’re different or, in some cases, even that they’re different at all. The mentally ill know as much about themselves as we do, and they face struggles doing things most people don’t even think twice about, such as socializing or leaving the house. Ignorance is what keeps them from owning up to their full potential, and as a society we must come together, both the mentally ill and the mentally healthy, and help each other. Knowledge is power, and opening up a conversation will allow for less misunderstanding and more community.

Being complex in nature, each mental illness is different from one another and some illnesses cause people to experience concepts that are hard to describe. These 45 symbols illustrate mental illnesses as abstract concepts using positive and negative space. Emotions and general symptoms were used as inspiration. Instead of being a label, these symbols open up the mind to the idea that every individual person is unique and beautiful in their own way. Life is an interpretation, and each choice is an opportunity.